New Study Says Chocolate Could be Better for Your Cough than Medicine

New Study Says Chocolate Could be Better for Your Cough than Medicine

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Chocolate lovers everywhere recently rejoiced when the results of a study on how this naturally-sourced morsel of goodness is a better cure for a cough versus traditional cough medicines found on the market today. Although this sounds like a dream, it’s backed by results which were garnered through a study performed by a university in England.

163 patients with a cough were prescribed either regular cough medicine or a kind that was chocolate-based. The patients who were given the latter were found to have improved faster than those who took the traditional medication. As a consequence, scientists now believe there are certain properties of cocoa that work toward relieving the inflammation and irritation causing a cough. Subsequently, the study’s authors have since recommended that those with a persistent cough try sucking on a piece of chocolate in an effort to relieve their symptoms.

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The properties in question are theobromine (which is an alkaloid in cocoa) and its stickiness. “This demulcent effect explains why honey and lemon and other sugary syrups can help, but I think there is something more going on with chocolate,” explained Professor Alyn Morice to ABCNews4. The professor is a founding member of the International Society for the Study of Cough and the head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England. There are many unique properties of chocolate (not the least of which is its epic taste!). However, this is the first time that it’s been touted as a cough suppressant. For those in the Lone Star state looking to cash in on chocolate being their next cough cure, you can shop fine Texas chocolatiers found here, or even try to make your own kit from the local craft store! Finally – a medical study we’re excited about. Now, how do we sign up as guinea pigs for the first of its kind in America?